On religion

Anybody reading this blog, and the comments I make may get the impression that I am anti-religious. I can easily see how one could get this idea. Let me clarify that despite the things I say, I am not opposed to religion. I am not opposed to god.
What I am opposed to is what I call spiritual exploitation. We are all faced in life, with the realization that we are going to die. We really don’t know who we are, where we came from, where we will go. And this is frightening. Many a night I have awoken from a black sleep in a cold sweat. Gripped with fear as the true realization dawns on me that a day will come that I will not exist. At least not in this corporeal form. While those specific experiences may be unique to me, I know I am not alone in fear of the unknown.
Because of this fear, people want answers. They want to know what will happen. So they turn to religion for those answers and meaning.
There are those who would exploit this vulnerability that is inherent in the human condition.
Many churches and religious institutions are guilty of this. Not only do they benefit from peoples spiritual deficits, but they misrepresent reality.
Am I opposed to the individual church goer? Of course not. I understand their predicament, because I suffer from the same. I just don’t get any comfort from it. Either way, whether we belong to a church or organized religion, we’re going to die. Religion offers a little comfort to the weary soul. It has it’s place in society.
But for one person to tell me that what they believe is right, and what I believe is wrong, well, that is just… wrong! What works for one, may not work for another.

To personally gain whether in power, influence, or financially from one persons spiritual vulnerability by misrepresenting reality is the height of evil.


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