On technology and spirituality

The vast majority of us today, live in a world far different from that of our ancestors.

Progress: Progress is a good thing. Technology is a good thing. When we hear the world “technology” we tend to think of computers, i pods, cell phones, video game systems etc.
While these things are technologically advanced, they are only one branch on the tree of technology.
To the ancients, fire was technology, a club was technology, an adz was technology.
A broken stone with a sharp edge was technology.
Later, language became technology, religion itself was technology!

It used to be that anything that helped us to better cope with and understand, and work with the world around us was technology. Humans continuously sought out ways to make menial tasks more bearable. We also sought ways to make the world more sensible.

Psychology, language, spirituality: These are the pinnacle of human technological advancement.

But today’s technological advancement is far different from what used to be.
Take a look around. People work their fingers to the bone and for what? A flashy new car, the latest best computer, A high def DVD player?

I’m not dogging on material possessions. I have my share. And I’m just as guilty as the next guy of wasting time away on video games and social networking.

Sometimes I think it’s necessary to take a step back. To look at the world through the eyes of those who came before us.

Even religion today resembles the latest greatest technological trends more so than actual spirituality. It’s streamlined, quick, easy, convenient. It offers up all the answers in an establishment that absolves us of our wrong doings and spiritual shortcomings for a small donation and one hour of our time.

Spirituality is more complex than that. It’s personal. Sometimes uplifting, sometimes gut wrenching. Sometimes deep and wide, sometimes high and narrow. At times it builds us up, other times it tears us apart. At times strong, at others weak.
And always something that should move us. Drive us, motivate us, carry us, inspire us. Something always to be on the forefront, though often on the back burner. It should change every day. And we should look at the world through the filter of our own unique self made spirituality.

Only then can we be in touch with those who came before us. And hope to have a slice of their wisdom and understanding. Those who lived with the earth, not on it.


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